Benefits of Pet Adoption

When you think of the word rescue, don’t consider it just a verb. It is actually a complete promise. Our organization makes this promise to rescue and adopt all the animals in need of us. We are a no kill, animal rescue and adoption agency working to save the abandoned, abused and stray animals. We are working for the betterment of all animals, rescuing the ones who are subjected to violence and brutality in the past. We continue to strive and achieve this aim with our utmost efforts, finding the perfect homes for them.

All we want is a little help from your side to reach this goal. Do you even realize the impact of saving a single animal? Well, the results might not change the world for you. But for that individual animal, the whole world would change forever, turning into a paradise. So believe in these little acts of kindness. Every act of this kind creates a ripple, with no logical end.

About 40 years ago, almost 20 million cats and dogs were euthanized yearly. But now the scenario has changed a lot, many rescue groups like ours are working to save these animals. Although these figures have dropped down a lot, but still four to six million animals are euthanized. They need your help. We have to work together in order to keep safe, these innocent creatures on Earth. Rescuing an unattended and abused animal is the noblest thing, a man can do.

Very few times we ponder on the ways; an adopted animal can change our lives. After deep scientific researches, it has been proved that rescuing an animal can actually save our own lives too. Animals have a tremendous positive effect in helping us recover from any physical or emotional tragedy of our life. Animals provide the best moral support. In case of prolonged hospitalization, these animals are always there to provide solace. They will never leave your side and prove their loyalty in these harsh times.

Pet adoption, brings many health benefits as well. When we pet an animal, serotonin is released in our brain. Serotonin in simpler terms is happiness and joy bringing hormone. It places a great influence on the well being of an individual. More than a few studies from the past have shown that pet ownership positively increases self esteem and creates empathy in children.

Apart from this, when you adopt a pet, you responsibility level boosts and personality is improved. Pet owners, learn to sacrifice for others. They start believing in the true meaning of compassion and dedication for others. This serves to be the most important aspect of one’s life.

Pets are the best medicine for the elders in our society. Pets encourage the underlying