Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what we are doing for others . Living for others, is the true essence of life. Instead of being self centered and focusing on personal problems, take some time out for the ones who have no one to take care of them. Abandoned in the world, stranded, there are many animals that are in search of a proper shelter. They also deserve a home, food and people who feel for them, never leaving them unattended.

Road Home Rescue feels for these uncared creatures and are working as a pet adoption and rescue organization .Our aim is to give life, love, care, proper health facilities and attention to these beautiful creatures. We provide a no kill shelter to them. To find and rescue all abused, unwanted and stray pets is our aim. We are in continuous search for their forever homes. We help these pets find the right person to take care of them.

We help our pets finding the perfect home and being a part of a family that loves them the most. We believe that everyone can do at least something to save a life. It is very rightly said that if you can’t adopt these animals then foster them. If you can’t foster, then sponsor and further if you can’t sponsor at minimum volunteer. But if volunteering is still not possible for you, go for donation. In the end, if you can’t do any of these things, the slightest you can do is to educate. Educating the world about the miseries, these animals are facing every day because of not having a place to live .It can urge others to help them.

According to an estimate, about 7.6 million animals enter no kill shelters each year. Out of this almost 6 million are those entering as stray animals, which are either subjected to violence or are stranded by their owners. This increased number of animal neglect and abuse continues to rise each year. There are thousands of animals who are subjected to violence each day. They are the voiceless victims.

So we all need to have a take on this. Little efforts when united can solve large problems. These poor animals have no one to have a word with and share their pains. But if they cannot speak, it does not mean that the human community turns a deaf ear towards their sorrows. We should actually feel and share their pain. Our organization speaks for those who have no voice. The mission of this agency is to rescue these animals and we hope that one day we won’t have to.