Shout Out for The New Roof!

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So I’m not supposed to tell anybody but I couldn’t help it because last week, we noticed our roof was leaking on our old pet sanctuary headquarters! Ya I know, the dang North Dallas storms had to come on in and rain on our parade…literally. To be honest, I was devastated because well hell we been so busy rescuing pets, that I don’t even have time for this blog LOL.

Well anyways we certainly don’t have the funds due to the fact we spent our life savings into this pet adoption thing and we aren’t exactly for profit. Wrong business for that! However, we are not the only one’s to love animals and we truly appreciate the fact that others do really care.

We got notified from our friend in Arlington that a roofing company wanted to help us with the leaking roof. I certainly was under the impression that they wanted to take a look and see if insurance would take care of it…which it didn’t so I was a tad perplexed if you might say. Well, it comes out that the fellas at James Kate Roofing & Construction wanted to just lend a helping hand because they knew about what our mission and I was just floored with the kindness! Again just wanted to give credit to where credit is due and thank you so much.


Benefits of Pet Adoption

When you think of the word rescue, don’t consider it just a verb. It is actually a complete promise. Our organization makes this promise to rescue and adopt all the animals in need of us. We are a no kill, animal rescue and adoption agency working to save the abandoned, abused and stray animals. We are working for the betterment of all animals, rescuing the ones who are subjected to violence and brutality in the past. We continue to strive and achieve this aim with our utmost efforts, finding the perfect homes for them.

All we want is a little help from your side to reach this goal. Do you even realize the impact of saving a single animal? Well, the results might not change the world for you. But for that individual animal, the whole world would change forever, turning into a paradise. So believe in these little acts of kindness. Every act of this kind creates a ripple, with no logical end.

About 40 years ago, almost 20 million cats and dogs were euthanized yearly. But now the scenario has changed a lot, many rescue groups like ours are working to save these animals. Although these figures have dropped down a lot, but still four to six million animals are euthanized. They need your help. We have to work together in order to keep safe, these innocent creatures on Earth. Rescuing an unattended and abused animal is the noblest thing, a man can do.

Very few times we ponder on the ways; an adopted animal can change our lives. After deep scientific researches, it has been proved that rescuing an animal can actually save our own lives too. Animals have a tremendous positive effect in helping us recover from any physical or emotional tragedy of our life. Animals provide the best moral support. In case of prolonged hospitalization, these animals are always there to provide solace. They will never leave your side and prove their loyalty in these harsh times.

Pet adoption, brings many health benefits as well. When we pet an animal, serotonin is released in our brain. Serotonin in simpler terms is happiness and joy bringing hormone. It places a great influence on the well being of an individual. More than a few studies from the past have shown that pet ownership positively increases self esteem and creates empathy in children.

Apart from this, when you adopt a pet, you responsibility level boosts and personality is improved. Pet owners, learn to sacrifice for others. They start believing in the true meaning of compassion and dedication for others. This serves to be the most important aspect of one’s life.

Pets are the best medicine for the elders in our society. Pets encourage the underlying

Animal Lives Matter!!!

“In rescuing the animals, I lost my mind but found my soul.”- Anonymous


a puppy and a kittens sleeping together

Whoever said this was very right. Loving an animal and rescuing it especially, cleans your mind and soul. It creates love; compassion and dedication for the creature in need for your attention. All your acts of kindness make you taste the real happiness in your life. Although adopting an animal may consume a lot your efforts, but the loyalty and love you receive in the end is all what is needed. It is fruit of this tireless effort.

When you look into the eyes of a dumped animal and feel the pain burning in his heart, believe me you are the best animal rescuer for him then. There are thousands of animals that are abandoned and mistreated each year. They deserve the love and kindness in life. But they are unable to seek proper shelter and are living a life of misery. We need to do something for them. We need to make this Earth, a better place for them to live. A place, where they are free from all kind of abuse and have a proper home with people to take care of them.

We are working as a no kill, animal adoption and rescue organization. Every day we take in many unattended animals that are in search of their proper homes. Please help us find the right home for them. Adopt an animal, train them as a pet, play with them and help them pursue a happy life. This is not at all difficult. With just some little effort, you can make home for these abandoned creatures in the world. They will in return surely distress all your pains and tensions in life.

Ever wondered why people consider this world as a dangerous place? As stated by Albert Einstein it is not because of those who do evil but because of those who do nothing to curb this evil. Hence, we all need to work in unison and help all the animals. By adopting and taking care of them, we can motivate others to do the same.

Road Home Rescue provides all basic health facilities to animals we own and provides a friendly family environment to all. Road Home rescue would also like to thank Tree Care Plano TX for partnering with us in the noble cause of animal rights and thank them dearly! We also welcome other future partners in this noble cause.

It takes nothing away from a person, to be kind and loving towards an animal. So don’t let this kindness fade away. Rise up and support us with helping all the unsheltered animals. Together, we can surely do this. We can create a world full of joys and happiness for these voiceless creatures. By doing so, we can actually feel the pure delight in our own lives as well.

Road Home To The Rescue

Hey Guys we at Road Home Rescue are passionate about are mission to save one million animal lives by 2020! We hope to keep you informed and updated with all our aspirations and adventures with our furry friends. Please join us in this wonderful cause and we look forward to saving animal lives together! Thank you everyone for joining us and coming along this fantastic journey to giving animals all across the globe a brighter hope!