Shout Out for The New Roof!

thank you

So I’m not supposed to tell anybody but I couldn’t help it because last week, we noticed our roof was leaking on our old pet sanctuary headquarters! Ya I know, the dang North Dallas storms had to come on in and rain on our parade…literally. To be honest, I was devastated because well hell we been so busy rescuing pets, that I don’t even have time for this blog LOL.

Well anyways we certainly don’t have the funds due to the fact we spent our life savings into this pet adoption thing and we aren’t exactly for profit. Wrong business for that! However, we are not the only one’s to love animals and we truly appreciate the fact that others do really care.

We got notified from our friend in Arlington that a roofing company wanted to help us with the leaking roof. I certainly was under the impression that they wanted to take a look and see if insurance would take care of it…which it didn’t so I was a tad perplexed if you might say. Well, it comes out that the fellas at James Kate Roofing & Construction wanted to just lend a helping hand because they knew about what our mission and I was just floored with the kindness! Again just wanted to give credit to where credit is due and thank you so much.